Modern vs Contemporary Interior Design

Interior designing is the art of enhancing the interior of a building in order to please its occupants. Modern interior designing started in the 20th century up to 1970s while contemporary interior designing gained popularity from 1970s till now.


Before you engage in interior designing, you ought to know the difference between modern and contemporary styles of interior designing. This article will expound on the similarities and differences between contemporary and modern interior designing.

Differences between modern and contemporary interior designs?

Contemporary and modern interior designing have many aspects that distinguish them from each other. The modern styles usually tend to be strict, and the products used are almost similar while the contemporary style has many style variations. The modern designing style features functional d├ęcor pieces while most of cotemporary design features are ornamental. The other main difference is in color palette. Modern styling methods tend to use neutral and natural colors while contemporary designing style inclines toward color contrast with more shades of black and white.

Similarities of contemporary and modern Interior Designs

These two method of styling a house have many things in common too. The first one is that they both have minimal aesthetics. They have simple architectural designs that reflect timelessness. Both of the methods prefer a look that is simple and spacious, since it is more appealing and one will have ease of access to every point of the building. In both methods, the furniture have exposed legs to display elegant materials used in their production.

How to get Contemporary and modern furniture

You can refer to the guide to modern and contemporary interior design by Tylko. Tylko is an excellent manufacturer of high-end interior designing furniture and other equipment. When you are thinking about doing some interior designing to your building, think about Tylko as a true companion in that sector. Here you will have a wide range of products to choose from. They will also guide you, manufacture the best furniture for you in the desired dimensions and deliver it right where you need it.


In conclusion, you should learn the differences and similarities between modern and contemporary designing styles and choose between one of them. However, it’s best to have a guide to take you through the process and a trusted company like Tylko is a true choice.

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